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  Reflective materials have now become a common material in life, and constantly enrich our lives. Road traffic marking on the use of reflective material has been very extensive, marking materials in the pre-mixed anti-reflective material or in the line when the construction of the surface sowing anti-reflective material; reflective type marking line, including dry anti-reflective marking and all-weather Reflective marking. What are the design criteria for reflective material?
  Linear contours: Linear contours are used to outline the linear contours of the road and apply to curved sections such as corners. As a result of roadside installation, the use of reflective film should be used with wide-angle performance of the reflective material.
  Protruding road signs: in the lane outside the edge of the outer line 10cm at the establishment of protruding road signs, auxiliary mark outline the lane profile. At the same time by the vehicle vibration function, to remind the driver has been away from the normal lane. Protruding road signs using engineering plastics matrix, to ensure adequate strength and firmness; protruding road surface with a smooth shape to ensure that the vehicle will not damage the tire; reflective components with a quarantine area of ​​the prism, the color is white.
  Speed ​​feedback flag: The speed feedback flag is based on the radar speed of the electronic equipment, installed in the speed of the speed change area. Combined with speed limit signs and warning signs, to remind the driver to control their own formation speed.
  The use of reflective materials will greatly improve the safety, to provide a conservation, environmental protection, security measures. In the technology to enhance the environment, reflective, reflective material standards of our products will be greater development.
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