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  Light vest, is our common in the outdoor clothing items, protective equipment, whether it is our city beautician - sanitation workers, or our traffic steward - traffic police, reflective vests are necessary homework tooling. At the same time, because it has the role of reflective warning, but also for other outdoor operators wearing.
Some time ago, resistance to Friends of the small series on the network users asked: "reflective vest like anti-reflective protective clothing how to clean?" And did not get the final answer.
  In fact, no matter how you focus on maintenance, safe and effective performance of the vest are a certain period of time, once more than a valid period, reflective vintage highlighting function will be diminished or disappeared, lost its security role, this time , It is necessary to replace the new reflective vest, usually resistant to the proposed replacement time is less than six months, and the summer due to strong light, the temperature is high, it is recommended to replace the three months to ensure the best warning effect.

  Reflective vest in addition to the right to wear, its washing and storage is also very important. The important point is that you can not be placed in the washing machine and other clothing at the same time washing, and should be soaked with warm water, reflective belt should avoid its gravity scrub, not in the sun exposure, storage as far as possible to avoid excessive folding reflective, so you can extend the reflective vest Of the use of the period.

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