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The Application of Reflective Film in Daily Life(Hits:) 
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  With the improvement of people's living standards, personalized demand increased dramatically, reflective materials, the application of more and more widely, reflective film is also constantly appear in people's field of vision. The use of reflective film has been increasingly recognized by everyone, including roads, aviation, railways, shipping, car license plate and other fields. The reason is because the traffic signal made by the reflective film in the night light irradiation, can reflect the bright and clear light, so that the staff or other personnel can clearly see the safety warning or ban signs, to ensure the safety of traffic has more To the greater the role. In addition, in recent years, reflective film in the board, billboards, street signs, signs and other aspects of the application is also more and more widely.
  1: Reflective film on the use of road traffic signs: different grades of roads, according to the design speed of different, the use of different levels of reflective film production signs, usually design faster road (such as highways, Such as high-grade reflective film production road signs, both beautiful and improve the safety performance; usually designed Slower road (such as provincial, national road) are used in the level of reflective film more; and some temporary signs, usually use low-grade reflective film.
  2: reflective film in the car license plate on the application: China's mainland China vehicles used on the license plate for the ninety-two number plate, the production process for the
   1) Paste the flexible film on the aluminum plate 3M reflective film (usually using the license plate reflective film), the use of special machine stamping out the number, and then on the number of silk screen color, such as the license plate for the black and white, then use the yellow Reflective film silk screen black ink, the process of processing the license plate for the word does not reflect the light reflection, usually after a period of time, often ink off, the whole license plate into a color, Guangdong Province, the license plate is the use of the production process;
   2) Paste the flexible film on the aluminum plate (usually using the license plate reflective film), and then silk screen, such as the license plate for the blue and white, with a white reflective film using blue ink silk screen, and then punch out the number, The water will be wiped out the ink on the number, the process of processing the license plate word reflective card is not reflective, is the use of the license plate in Hunan Province production; in 2002 launched 02-type personalized license plate, then in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Hangzhou As a pilot launch, the process is completely different, six months after the pilot for various reasons to stop using.
  3: reflective film in the body logo on the application: "2004 police car special logo" is made of reflective film made of silk screen;
         The relevant departments of the state mandatory provisions to reach or exceed a certain weight of the truck, the body must use the reflector to display the vehicle profile;
         Vehicles that transport dangerous chemicals must be stamped with a special label made of reflective material.
         4: reflective film in other areas of the application:
         1, body paste
         2. Equipment and safety signs
         3. Signs, signs, factory indication system, house number
         4. Advertising and industry logo
         5. Public signs
         6 other more applications
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