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What are the uses of the reflective strip on the overalls?(Hits:) 
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  Reflective bar is a common service in the safety equipment, it can reflect a clear light, which can play a warning role on passers-by and drivers. Many people who work at night must wear protective clothing for their own safety. Many companies in the custom work clothes when the neglect of this point, then the work clothes on the reflective bar what purpose? We explain from the following aspects.
  There are many types of reflective strip, the scope of application is also very broad, according to the different materials can be divided into: reflective lattice, reflective cloth, reflective ribbon, reflective, etc., are generally used for traffic police or sanitation staff wearing uniforms, Labor insurance, as well as night use of shoes, bags, raincoats, umbrellas. Reflective bars can enhance the person's first visual sense at night or in the dark, and the reflector is an assembly that can increase the object's reflective markings. It is not only easy to install on the object, but more importantly, Use the process without the use of tools, you can easily disassemble yourself or directly connected to the use of the object, the user is also very easy to disassemble.
Reflective uniforms are widely used in police uniforms, sanitation service, the night duty staff is also very practical. The most common daily life is the use of traffic police and sanitation workers, because of their working environment are in high-risk areas, wearing a reflective overalls can remind the driver to pay attention to friends, especially bad sight rain or haze weather, use Reflective work clothes are very important.
   Therefore, with the improvement of people's safety awareness, the use of reflective strip uniforms business units and individuals are more and more in life plays a role can not be underestimated.
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