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New sanitation service "safe reflective belt"(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2017-08-22
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  From today, Shencheng sanitation workers will start to put on a new sanitation service, the new sanitation uniforms not only look very spirit, but also design "reflective belt" to protect workers safety.
Today, more than 10,000 first-line sanitation workers in Shenyang will take off the various styles of sanitation uniforms, and put on the national Ministry of Construction unified national sanitation industry logo new sanitation clothing summer.
Two new clothes per person
  Shenyang sanitation work clothes in the past there is no uniform style, most sanitation workers are wearing their own clothes, outside the orange vest operation.
  To enhance the image of the industry, increase the first-line sanitation workers operating safety factor, the Shenyang Environmental Health Management Office to purchase sanitation clothing with particular emphasis on style and quality, for more than 30 million sanitation workers purchased 19777 new summer health service.
  Each sanitation worker will have two pieces of clothes, new work clothes different from the previous "vest" style, an increase of collar and long sleeves, so that can prevent sanitation workers were exposed.
"Reflective belt" to protect the security
  The new body is orange, collar and long sleeves for the light green, the back has two gray reflective belt, one of the design in the waist, the purpose is to sanitation workers in the operation, the waist of the reflective belt can cause the attention of the rear of the vehicle. "These works in terms of style, price and comfort are the best ever." Shenyang City Construction Authority deputy director Yao Min introduced.
  Yesterday morning, Shenyang Dongling District Environmental Sanitation Bureau South Tower sanitation Sun Zhanyi can not wait to be the new summer sanitation uniforms worn on the body, "comfortable! Colors good, there are reflective belt, this time to work more peace of mind.
Bid farewell to "advertising clothing"
"Prior to this, some environmental health service printed on advertising, sanitation uniforms will not appear after this uniform situation." Shenyang Environmental Health Management Office Party Secretary Wu Dianwen said, in addition to the first line of sanitation workers for the new sanitation service, the city The sanitation department also issued a new lightweight cleaning tool for each sanitation worker.
  During the Olympic Games, the city's sanitation workers will be on the Olympic venues and participants around the station for 24 hours without proof cleaning, Olympic Sports Center will be an average of 70 meters there is a cleaning staff.
  At the same time, 88 key streets also increased by 1138 sanitation workers, the average cleaning staff for each cleaning area is reduced to 4,500 square meters, cleaning time from 5 am to 3 am, late at night to 23 pm.
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