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  Traffic accidents occur frequently, travel safety is that we each have to care about, in Western European countries, like ordinary students travel, or go out activities, are wearing reflective material produced reflective clothing \ reflective vest travel, Eye-catching reflective vest, reflective clothing can give the driver of the master tips, pay attention to traffic safety, eye-catching reflective clothing can be seen in your first time, so go out of the safety, reflective material produced reflective vest, reflective clothing is essential of.
  And in our country, in the way out of the general can only see the traffic police on the road, or outside the construction workers will be wearing light-emitting materials produced reflective vest reflective clothing on duty or homework. So I think the Secretary for the whole society we should consider the people, we travel safety has been done, reflective vest, reflective clothing will be your travel safety essential security!
  Jinyun County Extension of Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production and sale of a variety of professional production of reflective film business. The company's main products are: advertising-level reflective film, high-strength reflective film, engineering-level reflective film, inkjet photo reflective film, inkjet pictorial body paste, reflective car stickers, reflective signs and other products.
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